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Archeology - Marsala

Marsala was born, with the name of Lilybeo, when Dionysius of Siracuse, in 397 b.C, destroyed the punic Mothia Island, in front of Marsala.

Here, Romans and Carthaginians fought for possession of Sicily and Mediterranean....

Insula Romana

The Insula Romana of Capo Lylibeo is a quite big area formerly bounded by two cobbled streets. It was a magnificent house with hot springs. You can easily distinguish the frigidarium (the section with cold water) and the calidarium (the section with hot water). The mosaic pavement is also very interesting. The Insula is near the former decumano maximum, the main street dating back to the Roman period, which started from the Capo Boeo promontory and followed the current Via Maggio XI.

Archaeological Museum “Baglio Anselmi”
In a wine establishment of the last century there is now the museum that house the archaeological finds found during different excavation campaigns between Marsala and Mothia. This very big collection includes ceramic amphoraes, funeral ornaments, votive stones, furnishings and jewels, architectural elements and all kinds of objects. There you can admire also a wonderful mosaic brought to light in the Insula Romana.

Moreover the museum exhibits the Venus Callipigia and a Punic boat.
The recently found Venus Callipigia lacks of the limbs and of the head, but it attracts the visitors attention for its soft and elegant line and the drape that, instead of cover, underlines the nakedness.

The Punic boat is an important proof of the old wars between the Romans and Carthaginians in that sea. Probably the relict sank during the Battle of the Egadi that in 241 BC put an end to the First Punic War. The ship was rebuilt inside the museum: you can see very well the larboard side and the stern. The cargo was also recovered with the boat.

Where: Lungomare Boeo – Marsala
Tel: 0923 953614
When: every day from 9.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m
Ticket: 3 € - reduced 2 € - free entry for visitors aged under 18 and over 65

Marsala is a city rich in archaeological finds. There are excavations everywhere such as in the former monastery of St. Jerome, next to the Oratorium St. Cecilia, or the ditch (IV century) at the end of Via Amendola.

And also, there is the small Mothia: the island is rich in archaeological finds.

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